Yun, Seog Min

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|class="grey"|'''Location of Accident:'''||
|class="grey"|'''Location of Accident:'''||
|class="grey"|'''See also:'''||'''<ask format="ul">[[Vessel:=FV Sam Se]]</ask>'''
|class="grey"|'''See also:'''||'''{{#ask: [[Vessel::FV Sam Se]]|format=ul}}'''
|class="grey"|'''Further Info:'''||N/A
|class="grey"|'''Further Info:'''||N/A

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Personal Details

Name: Seog Min Yun
Date of Birth:23/01/1965
Date of Death:10/05/1990
Age at Death:37 Years
Location of Death:


Name:FV Sam Se
Date of Accident:10/05/1990
Location of Accident:
See also:
Further Info:N/A


Missing presumed dead.

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