Woods, Clinton Allan

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|class="grey"|'''Location of Accident:'''||Foveaux Strait
|class="grey"|'''Location of Accident:'''||Foveaux Strait
|class="grey"|'''See also:'''||'''<ask format="ul">[[Vessel:=Kotuku]]</ask>'''
|class="grey"|'''See also:'''||'''{{#ask: [[Vessel::Kotuku]]|format=ul}}'''
|class="grey"|'''Further Info:'''||
|class="grey"|'''Further Info:'''||

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Personal Details

Name: Clinton Allan Woods
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:13 May 2006
Age at Death:34
Location of Death:Foveaux Strait


Date of Accident:13 May 2006
Location of Accident:Foveaux Strait
See also:
Further Info:


The 15m trawler 'Kotuku' had 9 people onboard when it went down, seas in Bluff were said to have topped 5m when the boat got into trouble. Three generations of one family were involved in the tragedy, leaving the town of Bluff in shock from the 6 deaths.

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