Williams, Colin William Albert

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Personal Details

Name: Colin William Albert Williams
Date of Birth:14/05/1923
Date of Death:13/09/1967
Age at Death:44 Years
Location of Death:South China sea.


Name:SS Denny Rose
Date of Accident:13/09/1967
Location of Accident:South China sea. Last reported position Latitude 25 degrees 15 minutes north, Longitude 134 degrees 23 minutes east at 0448 hours in Typhoon Opal on the 13/09/1967.
See also:<ask format="ul">SS Denny Rose</ask>
Further Info:N/A


Son of Captain Percy Williams and descendant of a long line of seafarers, Captain Bill Williams went to sea before the mast in 1939. He became a junior officer in 1944, and Master in 1958. His son, Mr Percy Williams, was Harbourmaster/Manager at Motueka.

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