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|class="grey"|'''Location of Accident:'''||Near Shag Rock on the Canterbury Coast
|class="grey"|'''Location of Accident:'''||Near Shag Rock on the Canterbury Coast
|class="grey"|'''See also:'''||'''<ask format="ul">[[Vessel:=SS Tainui]]</ask>'''
|class="grey"|'''See also:'''||'''{{#ask: [[Vessel::SS Tainui]]|format=ul}}'''
|class="grey"|'''Further Info:'''||N/A
|class="grey"|'''Further Info:'''||N/A

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Personal Details

Name: Charles Williams
Date of Birth:1881
Date of Death:16/09/1919
Age at Death:38 Years
Location of Death:Locality off Gore Bay, Canterbury Coast.


Name:SS Tainui
Date of Accident:16/09/1919
Location of Accident:Near Shag Rock on the Canterbury Coast
See also:
Further Info:N/A


Entered merchant service in 1897 at the age of 16. Served in the Royal Navy in WW1 and was awarded the DSM. Also possessed the Antarctic Medal and that of the Geographical Society.

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