Sayer, Victor Joseph

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Personal Details

N - See New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795 to 1960 opposite page 344.
Name: Victor Joseph Sayer
Date of Birth:03/07/1896
Date of Death:About 29/05/1947
Age at Death:50
Location of Death:Assumed at bar at Parengarenga Harbour, Vessel and Crew never seen again.


Name:Auxiliary Schooner Haere
Date of Accident:About 29/05/1947
Location of Accident:Bar off Parengarenga Harbour.
See also:<ask format="ul">Auxiliary Schooner Haere</ask>
Further Info:Further information in New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795 to 1960. Page 379. There were strong onshore winds and currents at the time, yet no deck cargo or equipment were ever found washed ashore. The disappearance remains a mystery. Captain Sayer also saw service in World War I ans was awarded 1914-15 Star of Gallipoli, British War Medal and Victory Medal - France.


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