Crawley, Allan George

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Personal Details

Name: Allan George Crawley
Date of Birth:20/12/1963
Date of Death:Presumed 13/7/1985 or 18/7/1985?
Age at Death:22 Years
Location of Death:Presumed 14 miles west of Centre Island, Foveaux Strait.


Name:FV Cygnet
Date of Accident:Presumed 13/7/1985 or 18/7/1985?
Location of Accident:Presumed to have sunk 14 miles west of Centre Island, Foveaux Strait where two drifting fishing buoys were found.
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Further Info:Details are available in New Zealand Shipwrecks, and a plaque is also situated at Green Point Cemetery, Bluff, where another memorial to lost fishermen exists.


Vessel sailed from Bluff 0500 hrs on 13/7/1985

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